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Beyond Eid al-Fitr: Responding to Greetings

Wishing you a blessed Eid al Fitr

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end and Eid al Fitr arrives, I want to wish all my friends, family and readers a very blessed and joyous Eid. The last ten days of Ramadan are some of the most spiritually rewarding days for Muslims as we strive to do as much good deeds as possible to earn the mercy and rewards of Allah. Fasting, praying, giving charity and focusing our thoughts on Allah makes us feel spiritually uplifted.

Eid al Fitr is a time to celebrate the completion of Ramadan with our loved ones. I hope you are all able to take some time off from your daily tasks and responsibilities to be with family and friends to exchange gifts, share meals together and offer Eid prayers at the mosque. Take this opportunity to reflect on the lessons of Ramadan – to become better, more compassionate and generous human beings. May the blessings of this Eid stay with you throughout the year. Eid Mubarak to you all!

Unique Eid celebrations despite the challenges

The past year has certainly been challenging for everyone due to the pandemic. Large public gatherings were simply not possible. But I was heartened to see how Muslims found unique and safe ways to still celebrate Eid and uphold our religious traditions despite the difficulties.

Many chose to offer Eid prayers at home with their immediate family members rather than the usual large congregations at mosques. Digital technology came to the rescue as many mosques live streamed the prayers so people could join in from home. Numerous Whatsapp groups were formed among friends, relatives and communities to share Eid greetings and good wishes virtually. Drive-by parades were organized in some places with people waving to each other from cars while following social distancing protocols.

It was inspiring to witness the resilience, adaptability and community spirit of Muslims during these unprecedented times. We found alternate yet meaningful ways to celebrate our religious festivals and keep our bonds of love strong even when physically apart. The challenges only made us more creative and brought us closer emotionally. As restrictions ease this year, I hope we can once again gather to offer Eid prayers collectively and enjoy meals and celebrations together. But the lessons of the past year will stay with us on how to overcome obstacles through unity and compassion.

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Responding to Eid wishes on social media

With the growing popularity and dependence on social media platforms, exchanging Eid greetings online has become commonplace. It is always heartwarming to see your newsfeed flood with ‘Eid Mubarak’ posts and stories from friends and acquaintances wishing each other on the occasion. Here are some nice ways to respond to Eid wishes received on social media:

  • Simply reply with ‘Eid Mubarak’ along with emoticon like smiling face, heart etc. This is short, sweet and acknowledges the greeting.
  • Write a short note saying ‘Thank you and same to you and your family. Hope you have a blessed Eid’ – Personalize it by mentioning the person’s name.
  • Post a reply like ‘Thanks a ton for the lovely Eid wishes. Hope this festival brings you abundance of joy, peace and success’ – Add a dash of positivity.
  • For close friends and family, it is nice to type out a lengthier heartfelt message expressing how much you value their thoughts and friendship. Sharing an anecdote from past Eids spent together makes it more meaningful.
  • If someone has shared an inspirational Eid poster or graphic, you can reply by saying how much you appreciated the thoughtful message. Complimenting their choice conveys gratitude.
  • For community/group posts, a general ‘Thank you everyone for the warm Eid greetings. May we find alignment and abundance through sharing in this festival tradition.

A short, sweet and sincere reply is ideal on social media to reciprocate the Eid wishes. It fosters goodwill and preserves the true spirit of this festive occasion.

Funny and quirky Eid responses

While expressing gratitude and goodwill is important when responding to Eid greetings, a touch of humor and levity can also make it more interesting and lighthearted. Here are some funny yet respectful ways to respond:

  • “My baklawa had an unexpected filling – think the Easter bunny must have stopped by early on the way to my place! Anyone need a chocolate egg?”
  • “Thanks for the Eid wishes. I’ve gained so much eid-trac calories celebrating that I’ve become Eid mountain!”
  • “Eid Mubarak to you too! Now pass me the Baklava before I turn into a baklava zombie”
  • “All this Eid food is going straight to my hips. Soon I’ll have Eidi the Hut as my nickname!”
  • “Don’t wish me like that – now I’ll have to donate my kidney to afford gifts for everyone! Kidding, thanks and same to you”
  • “The culinary wonders of Eid are awaiting – I can almost taste the temptation! I’m gearing up for some serious grazing. Don’t get too close though unless you want to get accidentally incorporated into the meal – just messing with you! Hope you have a wonderful Eid celebration surrounded by loved ones.”

Of course, the tone and context matters. Such lighthearted responses works best for close friends who will appreciate your sense of humor. For associates and professional circles, keep messages respectful yet upbeat. A dash of quirkiness now and then adds some fun and levity to the celebrations. Just ensure it remains good-natured. After all, Eid is about bringing smiles and joy to everyone!

Personal Eid wishes for loved ones

When wishing family members and close friends, nothing beats a heartfelt personal message straight from the heart. Here are some ideas to pen unique wishes for different people in your life:

For parents:

“To my beloved Ammi and Abbu, the ones who mean the world to me. I pray this joyous Eid fills your days with affection and blessings galore. Thank you for your unconditional love and for being my rock through all the ups and downs. You both are my greatest gift. Wishing you endless happiness and wellbeing always. Eid Mubarak to the best parents ever!”

For Siblings:

“To my awesome brother/sister, wishing you a fun-filled and joyous Eid. Thank you for always being by my side no matter what and for all the crazy memories we have created together over the years. Can’t wait to make more this Eid. Eid Mubarak to my most fav sibling!”

For Grandparents:

“My precious Nana and Nani, my most beloved companions in this journey. I’m sending wishes for an Eid brimming with care and divine blessings. Thank you for showering me with love and cuddles through the years. Your friendship/love means the world to me. May we share many more joyous Eids together, God willing. Lots of love and Eid greetings to my favorite people ever!”

For Wife/Husband:

“My beautiful partner in this journey called life, Eid means nothing without you by my side. Thank you for choosing to spend your life with me and for filling my world with so much love and happiness. Wishing you the very best this blessed festival. Eid Mubarak to my life.”

For Children:

“My sweet [child’s name], your joyful grin never fails to brighten my world. On this special occasion, I pray you are surrounded by colors, giggles and sweets galore. May your days always be filled with wonder and joy, just as they are now. You are my entire world – I love you to the moon, stars and beyond! Wishing my best girl/boy a very happy Eid.”

Personalized wishes from the heart surely touch the soul. So spend some time crafting unique messages for each special person in your life to make their Eid extra special.

New ways to say ‘Have a Happy Eid’

When wishing someone on Eid, the typical ‘Eid Mubarak’ or ‘Have a happy Eid’ works well. But sometimes, mixing things up with new, creative ways to convey the message can add more warmth and impact. Here are some modern, interesting and unique ways to wish others a joyous Eid:

  • Hope your Eid is “owl” good and bright!
  • Wishing you an Eid filled with joy that’s out of this world!
  • May the blessings of this Eid last you a lifetime.
  • Sending Eid hugs and hopes for a deliciously peaceful festival!
  • Wish this Eid sparks colors in your life.
  • Wishing sunlight brightens your path this Eid and beyond.
  • Wishing your Eid is as sweet as baklava!
  • May your heart overflow with festive cheer this Eid.
  • Wishing your Eid is as cool as a frozen frappe!
  • Hope your Eid is jam-packed with blessings and fun!
  • Wishing you an Eid brighter than a million twinkling fairy lights.
  • Eid cheer and goodwill coming your way all year!
  • Wishing your days are dotted with moments to remember this Eid.
  • May your Eid be a total ‘blast’ like a sky full of firecrackers!

Getting creative with idioms, plays on words or imagery adds a personalized touch. It surely brings smiles and conveys warmth in a heartfelt yet unique way.

Eid responses for colleagues and professional circles

When wishing Eid greetings to colleagues, clients, business partners, mentors etc, it’s best to keep messages respectful yet positive. Here are some thoughtfully crafted responses that strike the right professional tone:

  • May this celebration of Eid al-Fitr nourish your soul with hope, community and fortune. Wishing you and family a blessed holiday!
  • Sending my best to you for a festive, meaningful Eid spent with those nearest and dearest. May your celebrations be bright with togetherness.
  • Eid greetings to you and your team. I pray this festival strengthens our bonds of care, trust and goodwill in our professional endeavors together.
  • I pray you experience the enveloping blessings and joy of this sacred occasion. Thank you for your caring support and insight – it truly means a lot. I feel grateful for your ongoing dedication and help throughout the year. Wishing you a wonderful Eid celebration filled with peace and happiness.
  • I hope you and your loved ones experience the festive spirit and divine blessings of Eid. Thank you for your guidance and for leading by example – it is much appreciated. I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned from you. Wishing you a joyous holiday spent with family and friends. I look forward to connecting again after the celebrations to discuss how we can continue working together productively. Eid Mubarak!
  • Eid Mubarak! Wishing our valued clients a festival celebrated in the true spirit of sharing, compassion and community joy.
  • Greetings for a very happy Eid. Thank you for your business and partnership. I wish this festival deepens our valuable relationship.
  • Sending heartfelt Eid wishes to my colleagues for a time full of blessings, kindness and quality moments with loved ones.
  • Wishing peace, prosperity and all the joys of Eid al-Fitr to our respected stakeholders and shareholders. Eid Mubarak!

A respectful, grateful yet upbeat tone conveys the warmth and spirit of Eid while maintaining decorum in professional circles. It fosters goodwill and strengthens mutual bonds of care and trust.

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