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Responding to “May the 4th be with You” – A Padawan’s Guide

The Origin of the Popular Phrase

As any Star Wars fan knows, May 4th has become synonymous with celebrating George Lucas’ iconic film franchise. But where did this tradition actually begin? The secret origin dates back to the late 1970s, just a few years after the original Star Wars film was released in 1977.

As the story goes, British newspaper The London Evening News first coined the pun “May the Fourth Be With You” as a play on the classic Jedi saying “May the force be with you” in a small article about the success of Star Wars. Over the next few decades, the phrase spread organically within Star Wars fandom through fan clubs and early online communities.

By the 2000s, as the prequels launched a new generation of fans, “May the 4th” celebrations had grown worldwide. In 2013, the day was officially declared “International Star Wars Day” by Lucasfilm itself. ever since, fans everywhere mark the day by rewatching their favorite films, dressing up, and finding new ways to pay tribute to the franchise.

Funny Ways to Wish Them a “May the 4th”

As a youngling just starting your journey in the Jedi arts, it is important to respond to other Star Wars fans celebrating May the 4th in a spirited and good-humored manner. While you have much left to learn in your training, showing others that you can engage in the festivities in a lighthearted way will help you socialize with both fellow enthusiasts as well as more experienced Padawans and Masters.

Here are some of my tried and true humorous comebacks:

  • “And also with you! May the Schwartz be with you…wait wrong franchise.”
  • “Thanks, I feel the Force…and it wants dessert!”
  • “I appreciate the sentiment but I’m more of a Sith myself. Happy ‘Unlimited Powah’ Day!”
  • “You too! May the snickers bar always be unwrapped from the other side.”
  • “I appreciate the greeting, little one. Now off you go, but be sure to mind your fuzzy friend’s hygiene before bedtime!”

The key is to lean into the playfulness and silliness of the day. Show you don’t take yourself too seriously with a smile and a wink. Just don’t go so over-the-top that the joke stops being funny. Subtle and self-aware humor is the Jedi way, after all.

Handling Bad Puns Gracefully

Now, there’s always the chance someone gets a little too carried away with their “May the 4th” wordplay and starts cracking truly terrible Star Wars dad jokes. As a Padawan, it’s important to stay calm and respond thoughtfully in these situations. Here are a few respectful ways to acknowledge a bad pun without openly criticizing:

  • “May the Force be with your comedic talents, young one. You’ve much still to learn but keep practicing.”
  • “I sense you meant well friend, though that joke flew as fast as the Millennium Falcon in hyperdrive!”
  • “While the execution may have been off, I admire your spirit. Let’s talk of happier things that don’t involve puns quite so…forceful.”

The goal isn’t to make the other person feel badly, just gently redirect the conversation to safer waters. With patience and compassion, even the corniest of Jedi jokes can be navigated. Just breathe and let the Force guide your reply.

Personal Experience – My First “May the 4th”

I still remember my very first “May the 4th” celebration like it was yesterday, though it was over a decade ago. As a young initiate just starting my Jedi training, I was desperate to take part but unsure how. That morning, I handwrote “May the 4th be with you” cards for all my creche-mates and master.

While the cards were a hit, I was too shy to engage in the larger recreational activities being planned in the temples that evening. Instead, I spent the day in quiet reflection, rewatching my favorite scenes from The Phantom Menace on repeat. Just as the twin suns were setting, my master Qui-Gon came to find me.

“Padawan, it is not good for even a Jedi to isolate themselves on a day of joy,” he said gently but firmly. From that moment on, I vowed never to miss celebrating May the 4th, no matter how introverted I felt. It became a tradition we shared each year until his untimely passing. To this day, spending time with friends and fellow Star Wars fans brings me comfort and reminds me of Qui-Gon’s lesson.

Call to Action – Celebrate in Your Own Way

While responding appropriately to others’ “May the 4th” greetings is important, the true spirit of the day is celebrating Star Wars however feels most meaningful to you personally. Whether it’s rewatching a film with friends, spending extra time practicing your lightsaber forms, or sharing favorite Star Wars moments online – the possibilities are endless!

Most of all, remember Qui-Gon’s wisdom to make time for joy even during difficult exercises. However you observe this day, do so in a way that nourishes your mind, body and connection to the Force. And may the 4th be with you, now and always!


Navigating traditions like International Star Wars Day as a Padawan takes practice but with patience and an open heart, you’ll get better each year. Focus on learning from more experienced Jedi and nurturing compassion above all else. By acknowledging others respectfully while prioritizing your own wellbeing, you’ll develop the diplomatic skills needed to serve the galaxy with grace. Always remember – this is a celebration, so don’t be afraid to have some fun along the way! May the Force be with you in your Star Wars journey.

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Common Questions About Responding to “May the 4th”

As a Padawan learning the ways of the Jedi, you may have some lingering questions about appropriately wishing others a Happy Star Wars Day. Let’s look at a few potential queries:

Q: What if I’m not that familiar with Star Wars yet? Won’t people think I’m a fake fan?

A: Do not worry! The vast majority of Star Wars devotees take joy in introducing new viewers to the galaxy far, far away. You need only reply in a similar spirit of celebration by saying “May the 4th be with you as well!” Should you have any inquiries, most aficionados will be pleased to enlighten a curious learner. As a Padawan embarking on your Jedi path, taking your first steps into this rich universe is all anyone can expect at this stage.

Q: I have social anxiety – is it okay if I don’t say anything at all?

A: Of course. Your mental health should always come first. A small smile and nod can still show you appreciate the sentiment without putting undue pressure on yourself. Do only what feels comfortable.

Q: If I’m not celebrating, how do I politely decline without offending?

A: A simple “Thank you, but I’ll be sitting this one out. Enjoy the day!” keeps things light and avoids hurt feelings on either side. Your interests don’t have to align with everyone’s.

Q: What if someone is being disrespectful or taking things too far?

A: Stay calm and remove yourself from the situation. As a Padawan, it’s best to avoid confrontation if possible. You can also discreetly alert a master for help handling boundary issues. Dealing with conflict diplomatically is an ongoing learning process.

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Q: Do I have to say anything at all on May 4th?

A: No, there is no obligation. Simply enjoy the day in a way that feels right for you.

Q: Can I still celebrate privately if I’m busy that day?

A: Absolutely. “May the 4th” is flexible – you can pause to reflect on Star Wars whenever is convenient for you.

Q: What if someone tells an offensive joke?

A: Remove yourself from the situation respectfully. As a student, avoid direct confrontation and alert a trusted master instead if needed.

Q: Are there any “May the 4th” traditions outside social media?

A: Yes, many have watch parties, costume events at local theaters and more. Check your area for family-friendly celebrations.

Q: Can non-Jedi enjoy this day too?

A: But of course! May the 4th honors the hope, adventure and friendship at Star Wars’ core – values for all people to find meaning in.

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